Erased Individualism

– The individualism of the people has been erased in this society.
– What do you mean by erased individualism?
– He is incapable of independent thinking, and therefore, he always rejects what is rejected by society, and accepts what is accepted by society.
– So „team spirit” prevails?
– It is the spirit of a herd, not of a team. It is the spirit of the herd that cannot free itself from the captivity of the prevailing culture. Whatever society considers to be good. the individual considers to be good. He is incapable of independent thinking and benefiting from the cultures of others. He is incapable of stepping out of the mold imposed on him since childhood.
– Should the individual be rebellious, for example?
– Not rebellious, but he should seek the truth. He must not efface his self and dissolve into the herd.

Ibrahim Al-Buleihi


Published by Diogenes

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