Play with the Environment

Following the collapse of the mediaeval ideal came modernity, linking The Renaissance with the Enlightenment. Today, we get a fourth, qualitatively new model of existence for people shaped by consumerism and abundant use of audiovisual media. The civilization formed after Gutenberg’s invention of printing press, is being replaced by the civilization of image, dependent on the information revolution, with the Internet as a special symbol.

In such a model, man plays a peculiar game with the environment. He does not reject religion, science or philosophy outright. He tries to perceive them in a new way, primarily seeing them as some forms of language games. Thus, oftentimes, the question of God is no longer burdened with the concepts once formulated by atheist ideologues. The classic meaning of this questions becomes semantically blurred, when it is said that both theism and atheism constitute a form of our subjective game with the environment.

Josef Zycinski – Postmodernists’ God


Published by Diogenes

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